The municipality of Podedwórze is a rural community in north-eastern Poland. This town has a rich built, natural and cultural heritage. Recognising the importance and awareness of the regional heritage within the European context, the town has developed several activities to encourage the discovery and promotion of the region.

The natural environment is the main tourism focus in the region. It is included in the Natura 2000 program and there is a nature reserve where one can observe rare species of protected birds.
In partnership with other municipalities in the region under the name Zielawy Dolina, Podedwórze is active in the field of green energy production with the construction of the largest photovoltaic farm in Poland.
There are also folklore groups who value the old traditions and dialects. Podedwórze organizes cultural events to celebrate the heritage as well as providing heritage training. Publications are produced that use oral history, historical documents and memory.
The Regional Education Center is responsible for the recording and promotion of cultural traditions including in old and forgotten trades. It organizes training for the unemployed including in tourism activities. Participants for training are recruited from diverse backgrounds (children, youth, adults and tourists). The objective to impart knowledge of the heritage to future generations.  

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