Visit to Valdepenas

FIRST DAY (September 4)

The day began at City Hall with an official reception by the Mayor of Valdepeñas, Jesús Martín Rodríguez who welcomed the Partners, spoke about the history of the city and explained key local strategies and projects for the artistic, cultural and natural heritage.


This was followed by a visit to the cultural center "La Confianza" where the formal meeting was held.  Additional to the main agenda a presentation was given by the cultural representative of the City of Valdepeñas, who spoke about good practices in relation to different socio-cultural interventions in the heritage of the city and in the fields of culture, art and nature. He illustrated different places where the town has developed projects with social aspects to expand the dissemination of local heritage in particular the Interpretation Centre of the archaeological site "Cerro de las Cabezas", the Municipal Museum of Art and the Wine Museum among others. After lunch we visited the Caves of Félix Solís, one of the largest wineries followed by a visit to the Municipal Museum. The tour guide was a journey through the most remarkable objects in the museum. Finally the day closed with a meal until about midnight and a stroll through the wine festival celebrations taking place in the town.

SECOND DAY (September 5):

We went to the archeological site named Cerro de las Cabezas, 8 kilometres from the town; we visited the Interpretation Centre followed by the archaeological site to look at the excavations.

Returning to town, we visited the cave Corcovo, a small winery that produces wines of great quality, and then we ended the day at the Wine Museum, where we were shown the machines and tools of winemaking in the past.

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